Fluid requirements

The fluid supply required for our IBC cleaning systems is fairly straightforward. There are two models of IBC cleaner we supply, the advanced model has a rotary jet cleaning head, and the basic model has a spinning spray ball cleaning head. 

1 Flow rate: Both models require around 58 l/min of fluid

2 Pressure: The advanced model needs 5 bar fluid pressure the basic model needs 3 bar. If we are supplying the full kit the variable speed pump in the kit will be set to the correct pressure to match the model of the cleaning head.

3 Filtration: Both models need fluid that is free from contaminants. The presence of grit or other contaminants will tend to gum up both types of cleaning head. We recommend 200 mesh (0.07mm) filtration for both models if there is any chance of contaminants entering the fluid supply. 

Engineering considerations



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