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Fire safety key spray application - Fire extinguishing systems

These spray systems are designed to help put out fires once they have started.  There are two methods for doing this.

Misting/ Halon replacement systems

A fine spray can applied to the fire.  The heat from the fire rapidly evaporates the very fine droplets displacing air and thus suffocating the fire.  These misting systems are rapidly replacing the old halon gas systems.

For this type of system to operate effectively very fine droplets need to be achieved.  As such, misting nozzles would be an appropriate choice.  Full details on suitable nozzles for halon replacement systems can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.


PJ series Low profile misting nozzle P series misting nozzle Microwhirl misting nozzle MHW multi headed misting nozzle

Drenching/sprinkler systems

These systems apply water (or other fire retardant) directly to the fire taking heat out and extinguishing the fire.  Typically the sprays required will need to contain a combination of small and larger droplets.  The smaller droplets provide extinguishing power as they take heat out of the fire more rapidly, but the larger droplets are required to provide some penetration into the fire.  Without the heavier droplets there is a danger that the fine droplets will be blown away by heat currents and will fail to act.

Full details on suitable nozzles for drenching/ sprinkler systems can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Fire fighting spiral nozzle Ultra wide angle spiral nozzle

Further details

Further details on fire prevention spray systems can be found at our Fire/explosion prevention systems applications page.

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Fire Safety Key Spray Applications:

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