Fire protection systems

Spiral nozzles for fire protection systems

Spiral nozzles have a number of unique features that make them suitable for fire protection systems. Firstly, they can deliver high volumes of fluid very quickly.  Secondly, they produce finer droplets than many other full cone direct pressure nozzles giving them greater cooling power and finally the spray contains some heavier droplets which aid in the spray penetrating through strong thermal air currents.

Spiral Design Full Cone Nozzle Diagram

SNP offer a wide range of spiral nozzles.  The standard TF range is available in many different spray angles, sizes and materials.  The N range of specialist firefighting nozzles come with full certifications from Factory Mutual, Lloyd's and UL.  Full details on both ranges can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Fire fighting spiral nozzle 

Fire Protection Engineering Considerations:

Fire Protection Nozzle Designs: