Misting impingement nozzles for humidification

With this design of nozzle the fluid is ejected from the nozzle orifice and impacts upon a pin in the direct path of the water flow.  This breaks up and disrupts the flow into a fine spray.  This method of atomisation is very energy efficient meaning that very fine atomisation can be achieved at lower fluid pressures when compared to small orifice nozzles.  This translates to savings in energy costs.

flat fan deflection nozz;e 

Range limitations

The limitations of these nozzles is range.  Available spray angles are limited and the spray produced has little momentum meaning the reach of any individual nozzle is small, but by using multiple nozzles spread around the target area even very large areas can be humidified.

We offer two ranges of misting impingement nozzle.  The standard P range and a low flow rate PJ range which might be suitable for smaller applications.

P series misting nozzle PJ series Low profile misting nozzle

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Humidification Engineering Considerations 

Humidification Nozzle Designs


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