Small orifice misting nozzles for humidification

By forcing fluid through very a small orifice at high pressure sufficient turbulence is created to atomise the spray into a fine fog.  At lower pressures such nozzles will form a mist, at higher pressures a fog.  The fine atomisation achieved by these nozzles makes them suitable for many odour control applications.

Misting Small Orifice Nozzle  

The limiting factor for this method of producing a mist is blocking of the orifice.  As the production of the mist is entirely due to the small orifice it has a very small free passage and any small contaminants in the fluid may cause a blockage.  Effective filtration is likely to be required if there is any chance of contamination by particles.

Limited reach

Reach is also a problem.  As most of the potential energy of the fluid is used in the atomisation process little is left to project the spray from the nozzle.  A true homogenous fog forms very quickly upon exit from the nozzle and so only small areas can be targeted by any individual nozzle.  But by using many nozzles even large areas can be humidified.

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Humidification Engineering Considerations 

Humidification Nozzle Designs


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