Nozzles for humidification systems


Engineering consideration 2 - Spray reach

Often large areas need to be humidified so nozzles with a reasonable reach are required.  If low flow rates are required then direct pressure nozzles can struggle with reach.  A low flow rate necessitates a lower pressure and hence the resulting spray will not have as much momentum.  As a very fine spray is required much of the internal kinetic energy is used to atomise the spray making matters worse.

Air atomising nozzles can help overcome this problem.  As the energy used to break up the fluid comes from a secondary source - the compressed air - more energy is left to direct the spray.  As such, finely atomised sprays can be achieved at very low flow rates that still have a reach of 7 or 8 metres.  This might mean that fewer nozzles, and consequently pipework, are needed to provide coverage.

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Humidification Engineering Considerations 

Humidification Nozzle Designs


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