Elliptical orifice flat fan nozzles for moistening

With these nozzles the spray pattern is formed by the exit of the fluid through a shaped orifice.

The tapered nature of the flat spray pattern means that spray distribution is not entirely even.  The ends of the spray pattern have less fluid delivered.  In order to achieve an even spray bar with a series of nozzles a slight overlapping of the spray patterns from the individual nozzles should be built in.  Once the level of spray loss at the edges of the pattern are known then it is just a matter of simple trigonometry to correct by overlapping the tapered edges.

Diagram showing moistening of product on a conveyor by a spray bar of flat fan nozzles



These nozzles are suitable for situations where a moving conveyor of material needs moistening.  In a spray bar they can provide an even coating of water as the material moves past.  As moistening generally requires only a small amount of spray the low flow (BJ) variant of this nozzle design is often suitable.  If used in a spray bar format over a conveyor further control over dosing can be achieved by varying the speed of the conveyor.

We offer a standard range of flat fan nozzles (NF) but as noted above the low flow rate variant (BJ) might be required for some more delicate moistening applications.

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Flat fan nozzle box (NF) Low flow rate flat fan nozzle


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