Nozzles for moistening

Engineering consideration 1 - Controlled measured spraying

Effective moistening is about delivering the correct amount of water to the correct area.  There is often a fine line between the moistening required and damaging the product by over wetting.  Matters are made worse by the fact that small variations in spray density or droplet size can result in localised over wetting.

In order to achieve this a fine spray is often desirable as these are inherently more homogenous.  Also very even distributions of spray are required.

For continual moistening of product moving on a conveyor, then an array of flat fan nozzles would be appropriate.  As it passes under the spray bar an even amount of fluid will be delivered to each product, although this method relies on the product being fairly evenly distributed on the conveyor.

For highly controlled precise moistening applications air atomising nozzles are the logical choice.  The design of these nozzles give a far greater degree of control over spray properties and they can produce very fine sprays at exceptionally low flow rates.

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Moistening Engineering Considerations

Moistening Nozzle Designs


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