Nozzles for foam control - Achieving coverage

As foam will be generated over an area any suppressing spray would need act upon the whole area in a relatively uniform manner.  Full cone spray patterns are therefore advisable.  This spray pattern does comes at the expense of some impact but most foam does not require high impact spraying to knock it back and so it is not necessarily a problem.

Often foam can form over a large area and so any suppressing spray needs to have the necessary reach. SNP offer a number of wide spray angle nozzles for this purpose.  But as one increases spray angle so impact reduces even further.  The lower impact of wide angle spray nozzles is not generally a problem for foam suppression applications but for quick forming strong foams it is something that should be borne in mind.

Nozzle selection

The TF range of spiral nozzle is often a good choice for foam control as they can produce a full cone spray pattern with a  spray angle of up to 170 degrees.  This means a single nozzle can treat a large area beneath it which may be particularly important if headroom is limited. 

The MP and MPL range of nozzles are also a popular choice.  They can spray at angles of up to 120 degrees but produce a more even cone pattern than spiral nozzles.  This gives a more uniform foam knock back effect.

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