Spiral Full Cone Nozzles for Foam Control

Spiral nozzles work by impacting the fluid being sprayed onto a protruding helix.  This shears the liquid into several concentric hollow cones of droplets which combine to form the full cone pattern.

Spiral Design Full Cone Nozzle Diagram

One the main advantage of this design is that it is clog resistant allowing a wider range of fluids to be sprayed. This makes it ideal for foam suppression.  For additional clog-resistant capabilities Bete produce a range of extra large free passage spiral nozzles (TFXP)

As the spirals actually produce concentric rings of multiple hollow cone spray patterns there are concentrations of heavier droplets in the rings.  This has the effect of pulling the lighter droplets along with the spray.  For foam suppression this gives both the necessary impact of heavier droplets whilst at the same time delivering the necessary reactive surface area through finer droplets.

These nozzles are available in a variety of wide spray angles (up to 170 degrees) giving the coverage required.

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Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Large free passage spiral nozzle

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