Corrosion resistant Tank Wash/CIP Systems

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The HydroWhirl Poseidon® is a versatile clean-in-place (CIP) nozzle that is made of PTFE, which withstands extreme chemical environments and high temperatures. This CIP system combines a slow spin with a high-impact spray for more efficient tank cleaning. 

It is ideal for tanks up to 22 feet in diameter often found in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where superior cleaning with reduced cycle times and low water, energy and chemical consumption are important considerations. 

The bearing-less design allows for a slow, nearly constant rotational speed throughout the entire operating pressure zone. The HWP's slow, near-constant rotational speed allows for more efficient cleaning and use of resources compared to static spray balls and other rotating spray ball designs due to increased impact and longer spray dwell time on the target surface.

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Tank Cleaning Considerations

Tank Washing Nozzle Designs


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