Small orifice misting nozzles for fire extinguishing systems

By forcing fluid through very small orifice at high pressure sufficient turbulence is created to atomise the spray into a fine fog.  At lower pressures such nozzles will form a mist.  This makes these nozzles ideal for water misting fire extinguishing applications.

As these nozzles work by having a very small orifice they are prone to clogging.  Effective flitration is thus important.

The MicroWhirl range of small orifice misting nozzles are a suitable choice for many halon replacement/ water misting fire extinguishing systems.  In order to extend the coverage of these nozzles we offer the MHW nozzle array.  The MWH consists of several MicroWhirl nozzles on a single head.  They are angled to give as wide a coverage as possible.

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Microwhirl misting nozzle MHW multi headed misting nozzle 

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Fire Extinguishing Engineering Considerations:

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