Misting impingement nozzles for fire extinguishing systems

With this design of nozzle the fluid is ejected from the nozzle orifice and impacts upon a pin in the direct path of the water flow.  This breaks up and disrupts the flow into a fine spray.  These nozzle can produce the finest spray of any direct pressure nozzle making them suitable for many halon replacement fire extinguishing applications.

The limitations of these nozzles is range.  Spray angles are limited and the spray produced has little momentum.  But they are none the less an excellent choice for many fire extinguishing systems. 

SMP offer two ranges of misting impingement nozzle - the standard P range and a low flow rate PJ range which might be suitable for smaller applications.

P series misting nozzle PJ series Low profile misting nozzle

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Fire Extinguishing Engineering Considerations:

Fire Extinguishing Nozzle Designs:


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