Fire extinguishing systems

Engineering Consideration 5 - Wide-angle spraying

Often the area being covered by a firefighting system is large.  It is always possible to run multiple pipes with many nozzles on to provide complete coverage but often the pipework required is expensive (far more so than the nozzles themselves).  In order to save pipework SNP offer a range of very wide- angle nozzles that spread the spray over a larger area.

The spiral design in our TF range of nozzles, suitable for many drenching/sprinkler applications, can be configured to spray with 180o spray angle for maximum coverage.

For halon replacement fire protection systems SNP can improve coverage by deploying arrays of misting nozzles on a single nozzle array (MWH).  This can dramatically reduce the amount of pipework required.


Fire Extinguishing Engineering Considerations:

Fire Extinguishing Nozzle Designs: