Nozzles for fire extinguishing systems

Spiral nozzles

These nozzles produce a relatively fine spray with low medium droplet sizes.  This gives them great cooling power.  But the spectrum of droplet sizes is also larger than most nozzles.  This makes them ideal for fire protection systems as the heavier droplets act to carry the smaller droplets to areas they would otherwise fail to reach.  This is particularly important in fire protection systems as the air currents caused by heat may simply blow very fine droplets away before they can act on the fire.

Spiral Design Full Cone Nozzle Diagram

SNP offer a special series of spiral nozzles specifically designed for fire protection and firefighting.  The N series of nozzles have a variety of regulatory approval.  The N Series nozzles come with optional protective blow-off caps and retaining lanyards for these caps.

For very wide angle spraying to protect large areas the TF29-180 range of spiral nozzles is configured to give a 180o spray angle and so may be a suitable choice for such situations.

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Fire fighting spiral nozzle Ultra wide angle spiral nozzle



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