Gas scrubbing

Spiral air nozzles for gas scrubbing

This design of air atomising nozzle has a 3 stage atomising process.  Initially the fluid is broken apart by a standard spiral nozzle (see below).  Then the spray is hit by several compressed air jets which atomise it very finely.  Finally, the spray is ejected through a shaped orifice giving some final shearing and further atomisation.

Spiral Air Atomising Nozzle

The spiral air nozzle produces exceptionally fine spray but does so with sufficient flow rates to be practical for gas cooling and gas scrubbing applications.  Typically they would be used for injecting a scrubbing agent into a pipe of gas.  The very fine spray produced by these nozzles means that they would not be suitable for more open scrubbing applications like an exhaust gas from a power station.  But within the confines of a pipe they are suitable.

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Spiral air, 3 stage air atomising high flow rate nozzle

Gas Scrubbing Engineering Considerations

Gas Scrubbing Nozzle Designs