Nozzles for gas scrubbing

Engineering consideration  - The operating environment

Gasses are often hot, fast flowing and contain corrosive or abrasive contaminants.  Also it is often the case that the chemical reagent being sprayed into this environment is also corrosive.  As the gas scrubbing processes are often continuous this means the nozzles being used are operating under fairly harsh conditions and may be susceptible to rapid wear.

To combat these harsh operating conditions SNP offer spiral nozzles in a range of specialist materials and robust designs.  The ST range of nozzles are spiral nozzles using abrasion-resistant cobalt alloys or ceramics in high wear areas.

Full details on the ST range of abrasion-resistant nozzles can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Abrasion resistent spiral nozzle Abrasion resistent, large free passage, spiral nozzle

Gas Scrubbing Engineering Considerations

Gas Scrubbing Nozzle Designs