Spray nozzles for packed bed scrubbers

Packed bed gas scrubberEffective gas scrubbing relies upon maximising the surface area of contact between the gas and the reactant spray. One way of maximising surface area is to break the reactant into fine droplets..  Another is to use a bed of packing media with a very large surface area and trickle the fluid through this media as the gas passes upwards. 

Nozzle selection criteria

  1. As the packing media is being used to increase the surface area droplet size is no longer a primary concern. 
  2. The environment in many such scrubbers can mean that the nozzles quickly become clogged so anti-clogging nozzles are often required.  For  this reason spiral design nozzles or MaxiPass anti-clogging whirl nozzles are often used.
  3. Often the space above the bed is limited so wide-angle spray nozzles may be required.  Spiral nozzles like the TF can spray up to a 170 degree spray angle so they are often a sensible choice.
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Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Maxipass nozzle

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