Air blow off nozzles for the food & beverage industry

The removal of dry waste product from conveyors or other parts of the food manufacturing process can be achieved by air blow off nozzles.  These nozzles produce highly directed streams of air to any loose debris.

Alternatively these nozzles can be used to create 'air walls' that will prevent product from passing through.  The fast moving air currents form a protective curtain that will contain any stray loose product.

High impact air fan nozzle

Air nozzle selection

Air knives produce powerful jets of concentrated air under pressure.  These air jets are used for removing dried product debris from conveyor systems and/or for drying product.  The Air Knife product produces a more gentle and even distributed air blast with the FINZ range (above) producing more concentrated air blasts.

air edger Air knives   

Air-Nozzle-People-Logo-SmallFull details on all our compressed air enhancement products can be found on our Air Nozzle People web site. 

Key applications

Engineering considerations


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