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Venturi mixing systems

Mixing chemical concentrates with water is a key part of the cleaning process.  Most often caustics and disinfectants will be delivered unmixed.  In their concentrated state these chemicals can be highly toxic and hazardous.  Efficient and safe methods of mixing are, therefore, very important.

The Lafferty range of venturi mixing stations provide a simple, accurate, safe and reliable way to mix from concentrates.  They only require a suitable water supply to operate.  There are no pumps or fluids under pressure (other than the water supply).  This means that they are incredibly safe with no moving parts to wear or go wrong.

A wide range of options are available to allow for low volume mixing, high volume mixing, mixing from multiple chemicals and conducting multiple mixes simultaneously to save operator time.  All made in high-quality stainless steel for bullet proof durability, these mixing stations are a hassle-free way to deliver safe, reliable chemical mixing around the factory. 

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