Precision spraying

The need for precision spraying systems in food processing is clear.  Ideally, a process needs to have the fluid delivered in the correct place, with the precise dose and droplet size.  Whilst this ideal situation sounds simple, in practice getting sprays to 'behave' in the real world is often complex.  Often the control of one fluid property will affect others and so can’t be modified in isolation.  For example, increasing the flow rate of a spray by increasing the pressure of the fluid will also reduce the droplet size and have an effect on the spray shape.

Good nozzle selection combined with expert and specialist knowledge of spray systems will be needed to get optimal results.  Knowing how the different properties of a spray interact with each input parameter is vital for ensuring precise and consistent results.  SNP can tap into a vast wealth of application knowledge spanning decades of 'real world' spraying system problem solving.  In most cases, whatever issue a customer is having, we will have solved a similar problem for other customers in the past.  If we do encounter novel/unique applications then we have access to a full spray lab and computational fluid dynamics capabilities to solve and test spray problems.

Key applications

Engineering considerations


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