Nozzles for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Key spray application - Cooling systems

Spray nozzles are used to cool a variety of processes in the petrochemical industry:


-         Cooling of gases can be achieved by spraying a fine mist of coolant into the gas stream

-         The cooling of fluid beds

-         The cooling of reaction tanks

The subject of spray cooling is complex and dealt with in details in the spray cooling systems application page.


Fluid catalytic cracking quench nozzles

A typical cooling application for SNP nozzles is in the reaction chamber of the fluid catalytic cracking system.  The reacted hydrocarbons need to be quickly cooled to non-reactive temperatures to prevent further reactions from occurring once the desired cracking has been achieved. 

The nozzles in such systems will need to be inserted in a lance into the reaction chamber and both lance and nozzle will need to be able to cope with the hot, abrasive environment.  This generally means construction from highly temperature-resistant alloys such as cobalt alloy 6 or tantalum.

As each FCC system is unique the nozzles specified will generally be custom made, or at least will require a bespoke lance.  Such custom work for the petrochemcial industry has been core business for SNP for many years.  For further details on our custom spray lances please click here. 

Oil & Gas key Spray Applications

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical key spray challenges: