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Key spray application - Fire / explosion prevention systems

These spraying systems work by increasing moisture in the air so as to prevent sparking or by providing a low level of wetting to volatile substances to prevent ignition.  Often very low levels of water need to be sprayed as over-wetting is not desirable.  For this reason the firefighting nozzles used for fire protection are generally not suitable, so the lower flow rate misting nozzles like the Microwhirl or PJ deflection nozzle would generally be used.

Another aspect of explosion prevention comes into place when cleaning tanks that contained volatile substances.  Many tank cleaning systems involve rotating nozzles.  These have the potential to build up static charges or spark due to the motion of metal parts.  SNP produce a number of anti-sparking tank cleaning nozzles that are suitable for use in highly explosive environments.  The HydroWhirl Orbitor series is of an anti-sparking design and widely used to clean petrochemical plants, petroleum storage tanks and oil tankers.

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More details on Fire/ Explosion prevention systems in general can be found by visiting our fire/explosion prevention application page.

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