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Key spray application - Fire protection systems

Fire or explosion is a constant threat in the oil, gas and petrochemicals business.  There are stringent safety regulations in place to help mitigate this risk to life and property.  It is useful to point out that the term 'fire protection' refers to a system that is designed to protect an asset from the effects of fire as opposed to a fire extinguishing system that will help put out fires or a fire prevention system that helps stop fires from occurring in the first place.


SNP produce a specialist range of spiral nozzles (the N series) for fire protection systems  These combine fine droplets with the excellent spray reach and impact needed to work through the often strong thermal currents generated by fire.  The combination of small and large droplets from these nozzles means the cooling power of small droplets can be delivered to the fire by effectively being carried by the larger droplets.  The N series of firefighting nozzle have been approve by Lloyd's, FM and UL.


Full details on the N series nozzles can be found by clicking on the product box below.

Further details on fire protection systems in general can be found by visiting our Fire Protection Application page.

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