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Key spray application - Gas scrubbing

The removal of contaminants from gas flows is a common application in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.  This could be the removal of pollutants from flue gases before release to atmosphere or be part of the refinement process itself.

Generally speaking fine droplets are desirable for gas scrubbing applications as these sprays give an overall larger surface area per unit volume.  This large surface area means that the necessary reactions will occur more swiftly and efficiently.  It is necessary, however, to consider the overall area of the gas flow being treated and how swiftly it is moving.  For large gas flows or fast moving ones very fine sprays may not have the momentum to reach the edges of the flow and thus fail to scrub the whole flow.  In these situations a balance between fine droplets and heavier droplets (with momentum) needs to be found. 

Suitable nozzles

Suitable nozzles for gas scrubbing would be the P range of misting nozzles.  For larger applications or for fast moving gas flows a spiral TF series nozzle might be appropriate, as these nozzles produce some larger droplets which gives the spray more momentum.

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Further details on gas scrubbing in general can be found by visiting the gas scrubbing application pages.Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles  P series misting nozzle 

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