Body types for air atomising nozzles

The XA range of nozzles is a modular system.
This consists of 4 key parts:

1 - A nozzle body
2 - An air cap
3 - A fluid cap 
4 - Optional air actuated shut-off system

The air and fluid caps are what differentiates one type of XA nozzle from another.  It is the various combinations of these caps which determines whether the spray is flat fan or cone or whether the nozzle is internal or external mix.  The nozzle body is universal and can take all different cap types.  The nozzle body is what determines the outer dimensions of the nozzle and how it will connect to 
HWS user & installation manual the surrounding fluid/air supply infrastructure.  As the applications for air atomisers are vast no less than 12 standard body types have been developed for the XA range.

Please click on the user manual for a guide on the different body types available.


Due to the high prevalence of air atomising nozzles within many key industries like food processing, most nozzle manufacturers have followed/copied the body types of competitors.  This means that the BETE range of nozzles is directly exchangeable with all major competitors' air atomising systems.  Indeed it is, in many cases, possible to use our air/fluid caps with competitors' nozzle bodies and vise versa.

Always in stock 

The XA system is relatively small in size and of high value when compared to other nozzles.  Its modular nature also means that holding stock of a few dozen different components allows SNP to have stock of several hundred different product combinations.  As such, we always tend to hold stock of the full XA range in the three standard materials: nickle plated brass, 303 stainless and food grade 316 stainless.  We are able to offer the XA range with custom bodies and different materials including various plastics but these may need to be made from scratch rather than come straight off the shelf.

As we almost always have stock in the UK and the XA range is compatible with most competitors' ranges we often win business due to our ability to supply product quickly when needed.  Any potential customer that is experiencing supply problems like minimum order values or long lead times should call our experts for advice.

We are happy to:

Match product from competitors' part numbers
Ship a single small component for next day delivery 
Advise on improvements to existing setup even if they currently comprise of competitors' products

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