Standard air atomising nozzles

Our standard range of air atomising nozzles can be configured to deliver flat fan, full cone or solid stream spray patterns.  This makes air atomising nozzles one of the most diverse and useful in all the spray nozzle ranges we produce.

The system is of a modular design and consists of.

- Body

- Air cap ( to control the air flow)

- Fluid cap ( to control spray pattern)

- Shut-off mechanism

By varying the air and fluid cap different spray patterns and flow rates can be achieved. 

Shut-off/clean-out mechanisms

Regardless of the type of air atomising nozzle deployed a shut-off mechanism can be added to the system.  The shut-off mechanism can be a simple end plug, shut-off pin or shut-off pin and clean-out mechanism.  This can be operated manually or can be air operated giving automatic shut-off when air pressure is dropped.  The automatic, air operated shut-off mechanism allows for precise regular spraying for example stop /start spraying on a conveyor.

Full details on this system and how it fits together can be found accessing our XA air atomising manual here.

Further details

The are are hundreds of combinations of XA nozzle system configurations but they are arranged into the following discrete product sets.  Details on each product can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

nozzle catalogue

Air atomising nozzle variants

Air atomising nozzle selection table


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