Precise control air atomising nozzles

The SAM range of nozzles represents the ultimate in controlled spraying.  Unlike normal air atomising nozzles there are two, rather than one, independent air feeds.  The first controls the shape and projection of the spray with the second controlling the level of atomisation.  Both are independent of each other and of fluid pressure.  With two air feeds and a single fluid feed all being variable almost complete control over spray properties can be achieved.  Indeed hooked up to a suitable control box one can almost "dial a spray".

SAM Air precision control air atomising nozzle

Precise spraying applications

SAM nozzles should be deployed where very precise spraying is required.  Examples include the delivery of micro coatings to tablets in the pharmaceutical industry or glazing of food stuffs.  The high level of control over the spray also means that variations in different production runs can be accounted for without changing the nozzle setup.

Further details

 SAM Air Atomising Nozzle

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Air atomising nozzle variants

Air atomising nozzle selection table


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