External mix air atomising nozzles

In standard air atomising nozzle the mixing of the gas and fluid occurs internally prior to exit from the spray orifice.  For fluids with a viscosity above 200CP this mixing internally will result in poor spraying as the viscous fluid will not move well through the spray orifice.  A solution to this problem is to widen the spray orifice and to impinge the atomising gas onto the fluid after it has exited the orifice (illustrated below)

Deflection air atomising flat fan nozzle and external mix flat fan nozzle

Further details of external mix air atomising nozzles

A number of different external mix variants exist and full details can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.  The SAM nozzle is described in more detail in the "Precision Control" air atomising nozzle variant section but the data sheet can also be accessed below.

XAer full cone external mix air atomising nozzle  Flat fan, air atomising, external mix nozzle  SAM Air Atomising Nozzle

nozzle catalogue

Air atomising nozzle variants

Air atomising nozzle selection table


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