Axial whirl misting nozzles

These nozzles work by using an internal vein to cause the fluid to rotate within the nozzle.  The resulting turbulence breaks the fluid into droplets allowing the spray pattern to be formed.  Axial whirl nozzles usually produce a full cone spray pattern.  However, by varying the standard design they can be made to form a misting pattern also.

The UltiMist range of axial whirl misting nozzles provides a high flow rate (up to 61 litres per hour) when compared to other misting nozzle designs.  They also come with integrated filters and can be produced in plastic or metal.

For full details on the UltiMist range of nozzles please click the product box below.

Ultimist axial whirl misting nozzle

Misting Nozzle Designs

mist nozzle selection table


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