Impingement misting nozzles

With this design of nozzle the fluid is ejected from the nozzle orifice and impacts upon a pin in the direct path of the water flow.  This breaks up and disrupts the flow into a fine spray cone.  As the fluid is being broken up by impact, as opposed to by being forced through a very small orifice, this allows for a larger orifice than other mist nozzle designs thus allowing for more viscous or 'dirty' fluids to be sprayed into a mist pattern.  One potential downside of this design is the propensity for dripping to occur under the impingement pin.

Misting Impingement Nozzle for cooling systems

This design of nozzle is ideal for producing very fine droplets and produces the finest droplets of any direct pressure nozzle.  For finer droplets still, pressurised air (or other gas) needs to be used to atomise the fluid (see air atomising nozzles).

SNP offer two ranges of misting impingement nozzle.  The standard P series and the low profile PJ series for use where space is confined.  For full details on each range please click on the product boxes below.

P series misting nozzle PJ series low profile misting nozzle


Misting Nozzle Designs

mist nozzle selection table


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