Small orifice misting nozzles

By forcing fluid through a very small orifice at high pressure sufficient turbulence is created to atomise the spray into a fine fog.  At lower pressures such nozzles will form a mist (a mist is simply a coarser fog). These nozzles are the standard misting nozzle produced by BETE.

Misting Small Orifice Nozzle

The limiting factor for this method of producing a mist is blocking of the orifice.  As the production of the mist is entirely due to the small orifice it has a very small free passage and any small contaminants in the fluid may cause a blockage.  Effective filtration is thus a necessity when using this type of nozzle.

BETE produce two types of small orifice misting nozzle. The MicroWhirl is our standard misting nozzle and the MWH consists of multiple MicroWhirl nozzles in an array giving a more widely dispersed fog/mist.  

Microwhirl misting nozzle MHW multi headed misting nozzle 

For a handy comparison of all misting nozzles please see the misting nozzle cheat sheet accessed via the orange button to the right hand side of this page.

Misting Nozzle Designs

mist nozzle selection table


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