Spiral fog/misting nozzles

The spiral design of nozzle is typically used to produce full cone or hollow cone patterns.  However, some low flow rate variants can also be used to produce homogeneous fogs.  Spiral nozzles are inherently good at atomisation meaning they will produce smaller droplets for any given pressure and flow rate than most other nozzle designs.  However, typically their flow rates are too high for true fogging and misting applications.

The L series is a low flow rate spiral nozzle that is sufficiently small to produce a true mist. These nozzles benefit from the design features common to all spirals namely:


Clog resistant

A common problem with other types of misting nozzle is clogging.  Without good filtration impingement misting nozzles and small orifice nozzles will quickly clog as the free passage through the nozzle is small. The spiral design is naturally clog-resistant with a far larger free passage than any other misting nozzle. Often this means the L series nozzle can operate in environments where other misters would fail.  In particular dust environments or situations where good filtration is problematic.

Low pressure mists

Other designs of fog nozzle require pressures of at least 3 or 4 bar to operate.  L series nozzles will spray at pressures as low as 1 bar making them ideal for situations where maintaining higher pressures is costly or technically difficult.

Limitations of the L series

It should be noted that at low pressures the spray produced by an L series nozzle will not be a true fog. As with all nozzles the higher the liquid pressure the smaller the droplet size becomes.  In situations where small droplets are required and the available pressure is sub 2 or 3 bar then the L series will produce a spray as close to a fog as possible with a hydraulic nozzle. 

Common applications

L series nozzles have been deployed for:

Dust suppression sprays
Odour control 
Chemical injection

More information

For more information please click on the box below to access the L series data sheet.

Low flow rate spiral nozzle

Misting Nozzle Designs

mist nozzle selection table


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