Ball socket nozzles

The MK 1 and MK2 nozzle holders accommodate a ball socket adjustable nozzle.  We have a wide variety of different spray nozzles in this style that are suitable for almost all pre-treatment tunnel spray stages.  Alternatively the complete moulded ball socket nozzle can be replaced with a female threaded ball socket which can accommodate any male threaded nozzle from our main nozzle range from 1/8” to 1/2” thread size.

Ball socket nozzleMK1 ball socket holder

QC – Quick change tips

As an upgrade to the standard moulded ball socket nozzle most types are available with a quick change tip variant.  With this design the ball socket that sits in the MK1 or MK2 holder is universal and has a bayonet, clip-in connector which can accommodate a wide variety of different spray tips.  It is the tip that determines the spray angle and flow rate of the nozzle.

QC Tip complete assembly

The advantage of the QC system is that the nozzle tip can be snapped out of the holder for cleaning without loosening the holding nut.  When the tip is snapped back in it will automatically be orientated in the exact position as before, meaning there will be no need to realign the spray nozzles in the tunnel after maintenance. Obviously on a large multi-stage tunnel with potentially over 1000 nozzles this can save a considerable amount of time. 

QC Ball socketTIPQC diagram

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