Pipe saddles & Adapters

Pipe saddle adapters are an easy way to attach riser pipes to header pipes.  The system clamps around a schedule 40 or 80 pipe from 1” to 6”NB.  This clamp connection then presents a female thread from ½” to 2” BSP/NPT in size.  Once attached, all that then needs to be done is to drill the suitable hole in the existing pipe.  Using a Uni-spray saddle adaptor eliminates the need to back-weld female couplers to thermoplastic, steel or iron header pipes.

As with all Uni-Spray system components the saddle adapters are made with highly chemically resistant plastics making them suitable for almost all conceivable pre-treatment tunnel environment.

Saddle2saddle-4Saddle1Pipe saddle adapter for pretreamnet



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