Couplers & adapters

The Uni-Spray couplers & adapters provide a quick release system for connecting pipes and hoses together.  This includes quick release end caps so that pipes can be easily drained for cleaning and maintenance.  Our couplers come in three chemically resistant materials: ny-glass, poly-glass or PVDF. They are suitable for connecting 1” to 4” pipework.

Each coupler comes in a pair.  One end of each part will be threaded or a hose barb and so will connect to either a threaded pipe or suitable hose.  The coupling in the middle of each pair is a camlock.

So the options are:

Male to female couplermale to male threaded couplerFemale to female threaded couplerfemale thread to hosebarb connectorMale thread to hosebarb connector

Male thread to female  Male thread to male  Female to female    Hose to female   Hose to ma

The system supports thread sizes from 1” to 4”.

In addition to the pipe-to-pipe couplers the system also includes a quick release end cap.

Data sheet

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