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Spray challenge - Abrasion resistance

The spraying of slurries for gas scrubbing can be particularly wearing on the nozzles.  Slurries are, by their very nature, lumpy and abrasive.  The fact that spraying is continuous and needs to be at relatively high volumes only adds to the speed of wearing.   Furthermore the spraying of fluid into a fast moving gas stream will mean that particles swept along in the gas flow may cause wear on the nozzle.

Nozzles are manufactured in a variety of abrasion resistant materials. There are a number of hard wearing metal alloys available but commonly ceramic nozzles are used.  Some specific examples of abrasion resistant nozzle lines include. (full details can be found by clicking on the boxes below)

Abrasion resistent spiral nozzle Abrasion resistent, large free passage, spiral nozzle 

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