Nozzles for flue gas desulpherisation

Whilst this application is actually an example of gas scrubbing the success that SNP has had over the years in improving emissions from power stations around the world means FGD warrants its own section in our website.

The basic principles of FGD is the spraying of a lime slurry into the flue gas emissions from fossil fuel burning.  The lime spray reacts with the sulphur dioxide in the gas forming gypsum which falls under gravity, thus removing the acid rain-causing pollutant.  

Ca(OH)2 (solid) + SO2 (gas) → CaSO3 (solid) + H2O (liquid)


Concern over the environmental impact of fossil fuel burning has resulted in tougher and tougher regulations and emissions targets for power stations.  Heavy fines for failure mean that compliance with targets is a business critical initiative.

Improving performance

The spiral design of nozzles often offer superior levels of performance for gas scrubbing applications. Typically they will produce a smaller droplet profile than other similar flow rate nozzles giving a larger surface area of slurry present in the gas flow at any one time.  This results in greater reactivity and thus a more efficient scrubber.

Materials of construction

The environment for FGD is highly abrasive making metal nozzles unsuitable in most cases.  BETE manufacture nozzles for applications like flue gas desuplerisation in tough ceramics such as silicon carbide.

Innovation1/2 spiral TF nozzle for the edges of wet scrubbing towers

SNP have always been at the forefront of FGD innovation.  One simple development for this application was the design of a half spiral nozzle.  This nozzle was installed on the edge of wet scrubbers and only sprayed inwards.  This was done to avoid wearing of the tower lining by the continual lime spray.

Further reading

Flue gas desulpherisation is a complex topic and more details can be found in our FGD technical manual which can be accessed here.

Nozzle selection

Please note that the DTH and 1/2TF are not standard products.  We will make these nozzles for customers that require them.  Typically they will be built to meet the application requirement so the boxes below do not link to a standard data sheet.  If you require further information on these nozzles please call or email us.

Abrasion resistent, large free passage, spiral nozzle Double tangential whirl hollow cone nozzle half spiral nozzle 

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