Nozzles for the power generation industry

Key spray challenge -Large spray areas

Power stations are large scale operations and the spray nozzles used to scrub emission gasses occurs in very large towers.  Getting a sufficiently fine spray over the whole area is a considerable engineering challenge.  Inevitably multiple arrays of nozzles will be required involving much pipework but the right choice of nozzle can help significantly reduce the piping required.

Key in nozzle selection is getting the balance right between having small droplet sizes (which is desirable for maximum reaction) and the reach of the spray.  A nozzle that can deliver fine droplets over a large areas is ideal.  The TF range of spiral nozzles has exactly this blend of spray characteristics and as a consequence are found in some 80% of flue gas desulphurisation installations.

Similarly when protecting assets from fire over large areas spiral nozzles make an excellent choice.  For fire protection applications we recommend the N series of fire fighting nozzles that come with a variety regulatory approvals.

Full details on both ranges of nozzle can be found by clicking on the boxes below.

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