Spray nozzles for cooling systems

Engineering consideration 1 - Direct and indirect cooling

Sometimes it is acceptable for the coolant to have direct contact with the substance that needs cooling; in other situations it is not.  If contact is not possible then there are two ways to avoid this.  The first and most obvious is to erect some kind of physical barrier preventing mixing.  For example, a fluid flowing in a pipe can be cooled by spraying the outside of the pipe.  The second method to prevent mixing is to set up the spray so as to achieve complete evaporation of the coolant before it reaches the target.  This clearly requires a careful balance of spray, as if too much is sprayed evaporation may not be complete and contamination will occur.

Diagram Showing Basic Principles of an Indirect Cooling System


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Cooling System Engineering Considerations:

Cooling System Nozzle Designs:


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