Spray nozzles for cooling systems

Engineering consideration 6 - Notes on evaporative cooling 

Cooling by evaporation is achieved by spraying a very fine mist into an air space and allowing the natural evaporation to take heat out of the air.  Cooling by evaporation can occur at relatively low temperatures, certainly well below boiling point and if the spray is created correctly the cooling can be achieved without causing wetting or moistening.

In these types of applications having a very fine spray is vital, as not only will larger droplets fail to evaporate, and hence fail to provide cooling, they will fall to the ground causing wetting.  Additionally relatively low flow rates are required as the air can only 'hold' a certain amount of water before larger droplets naturally coalesce and fall, again causing wetting. Suitable choices of nozzle would include small orifice or impingement misting nozzles.  Please see the Cooling System Nozzle Designs section accessible by the grey menu to the right hand side of the page for details on the features of the these products that are relevant to cooling systems.


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