Spiral air nozzles for cooling systems

When reach and spray momentum is not an issue (for example spraying into an exhaust gas), then the most efficient cooling is achieved by a very finely atomised spray.  An air atomising nozzle that uses compressed air to break up the coolant into a fine spray would, therefore, be a logical choice. Unfortunately, standard air atomising nozzles operate at very low flow rates.  This makes them ideal for coating applications or for distributing small volumes of additives but for many cooling applications they simply cannot deliver the volume of coolant required.

High volume air atomising nozzle

For this reason a high volume air atomising nozzle. the spiral air SA, has been developed.  This is an advanced 3 stage atomising nozzle.

Stage 1 -A spiral nozzle breaks the fluid up into fairly fine spray

Stage 2 - A series of compressed air (or other gas) impacts the spray breaking it up further.

Stage 3 - The now finely atomised spray exits a shaped orifice providing further atomisation.

Spiral Air Atomising Nozzle

The SA nozzles are all encased in a robust carrier and come in a variety of heat and abrasion-resistant materials.  These nozzles are ideal for cooling hot gas flows.

Full details on the SA range of nozzles can be found by clicking on the product box below

Spiral air, 3 stage air atomising high flow rate nozzle

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Cooling System Engineering Considerations:

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