Spray Nozzles for Cooling Systems

Engineering consideration 5 - Spray volume

The more coolant that is sprayed per minute the more cooling can be achieved per minute. Unfortunately, simply throwing more coolant at cooling problem is not always possible.

Firstly, spraying a coolant costs money even if it is just water.  Every gallon takes energy, and hence costs money to spray.  Often with careful cooling system design more water efficient solutions can be found.  Secondly, if any of the contact/contamination constraints discussed in other segments of this applications page apply then there is only a certain point to which more fluid can be sprayed.

For this reason Bete produce a wide variety of spray cooling nozzles from low flow rate nozzles for delicate cooling applications like the L and PJ / P nozzles, through to high flow rate nozzles such as the TF range for large cooling applications.  Once overall flow rate parameters are understood optimum cooling is a matter of selecting the correct spray characteristics that make up that volume.  Often with careful nozzle selection the same levels of cooling can be achieved by spraying far less liquid.

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Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles PJ series Low profile misting nozzle Low flow rate spiral nozzle P series misting nozzle

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