Axial whirl nozzles for cooling systems

These nozzles work by setting the fluid in a whirlpool motion by passing it through an internal vein.  The whirling motion causes the fluid to break apart into a spray pattern.  The atomisation for these types of nozzle is generally quite coarse meaning the surface area per volume of fluid sprayed is not as great as other nozzle designs.  This limits their cooling power.  However, for drenching materials with large volumes of coolant to quench them very quickly they are a suitable choice.  Generally these features mean they are only suitable for the direct cooling of solids or the indirect cooling of gases/liquids by quenching the surrounding pipework.

Axial Whirl Spray Nozzle Diagram

SNP offer a number of different axial whirl nozzle ranges.  For cooling applications the standard SC range of nozzles might be a good choice or for smaller applications the WL low flow rate variant.

Full information on both ranges can be accessed by clicking on the product boxes below.

 Low flow rate axial whirl nozzle for cooling

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Cooling System Engineering Considerations:

Cooling System Nozzle Designs:


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