Nozzles for efficient spraying in pre-treatment applications

The chemicals that are sprayed in the pre-treatment process are often expensive.  The cost of chemicals far outweighs the cost of the nozzles being used to spray them.  An efficient spraying system that delivers the right amount of spray to the right area is of paramount importance to a well run pre-treatment line. 

Spray coverage

Configuring the tunnel to spray only in the right areas can be difficult and the optimum configuration is often a matter of trial and error.  Many minor adjustments may need to be made to the nozzle angles, the spray angle or the individual nozzle and the positioning of nozzles on the risers.  This can be a time consuming process.  Matters are made worse if different products are being treated in the same tunnel. 


SNP's Uni-Spray quick change system helps reduce the time and hassle involved in achieving optimum setup. 


Spray Tunnel Engineering Considerations

UniSpray System Parts

Pre-treatment nozzle selection table


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