Spiral nozzles for cooling systems

These spiral, pigtail or corkscrew nozzles give a relatively broad spectrum of spray drops.  As discussed in the engineering considerations section this spray feature they can allow the coolant to reach further. The heavier droplets in the spectrum have the effect of carrying the smaller droplets along.   As such, large surface area sprays can be delivered to areas not reachable by a more uniformly fine spray.

SNP offers a number of different spiral nozzle ranges.  For most cooling applications though the standard TF range of spiral nozzles will be suitable.  The TF range comes in a wide variety of spray angles and flow rates but for smaller more delicate cooling applications the low flow rate L series of spiral nozzles might also be considered.

Full details on the spiral nozzle ranges can be accessed by clicking on the product boxes below.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Low flow rate spiral nozzle

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Cooling System Engineering Considerations:

Cooling System Nozzle Designs:


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