Ball socket quick release nozzle holders for pre-treatment applications

The Mark 1 assembly

The ball socket holder allows for spray direction to be adjusted easily for optimum coverage.  The quick release coupling holds the nozzle to the riser and allows for easy removal of the nozzle for cleaning.  A double clamp holder is also available for higher pressure cleaning.

This nozzle holder allows for threaded nozzles of any type to be attached and clamped firmly to the pipe whilst the ball socket allows for adjustment of angle once attached.  The ball socket can either be a complete molded plastic nozzle or can end in a female thread to accept any 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" BSP male threaded nozzle. 

unispray mark 1 nozzle holder

The Mark 2 assembly

The Mark 2 assembly does not include the ball socket adjustment.  This is for use in set ups where the alignment and angle of of nozzle is unlikely to change and gives a cheaper option for securing nozzles to pipework.  The quick release clamps still allow for easy and effortless removal of nozzles for maintenance.

Unispray mark 2 nozzle holdermark 2 nozzle holder


The Mark 3 assembly

The Mark 3 assembly threads into the pipe connection rather than using clamps.  The same adjustable angle ball socket as the Mark 1 is included ending in either an integrated plastic nozzle or a female threaded socket to accept a nozzle of your choice.

Unispray mark 3 nozzle holder

Further details

Further details on the quick change nozzle holder assemblies can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Uni-spray mark 1 nozzle holder uni-spray mark 2 holder uni-spray m3 holder


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