Paper and pulp industry nozzle selection table

The table below summarises much of the information in the paper and pulp industry section of the SNP website.  It is intended to be a handy reference guide to aid nozzle selection.  Full data on each of the nozzles listed can be accessed by clicking on the boxes in the left hand column of the table below.  The data sheets will open in a separate tab to allow easy comparisons between multiple product sheets.



Nozzle Type



Application Type














Trimming of newly formed paper



Single jet trim nozzle



double trim nozzle






Trimming and tail cutting



Double jet trim nozzle









High pressure washing of top wire



High pressure oscillating cleaning shower



XApr air atomising, full cone internal mix






Drying prevention



Fine controlled mist



Low profile flat fan nozzle






Doctor shower



Low/medium impact flat fan shower cleaning



PJ series Low profile misting nozzle



Dust suppression



In log processing



Fine spray to capture dust








Canvas and dryer chemical was



Precise spray with very even coating



Paper and Pulp Key Spray Application

Paper and Pulp Key Spray Challenges