Spray nozzles for the paper and pulp industry

Spray challenge - High nozzle wear from high pressure spraying

The spraying of any fluid will always produce wear on the nozzle. The wear caused by fluids is inevitable over time but the higher the pressure and flow rate the more rapidly this inevitable wearing will occur. When spraying at high pressures constantly, such as in high pressure cleaning showers or trim nozzles, the wearing can be very rapid.

Wear of nozzles can cause spray pattern degradation resulting in a loss of impact and hence cleaning power, or can result in areas receiving too much or too little spray.  This could, for example, result in streaking on the tope wire.  Alternatively worn trim nozzles can have similarly detrimental consequences.

Improved life time

The life time of nozzles can be improved considerably by material selection.  Ruby or ceramic orifice inserts will dramatically increase the wear time.  Ceramics and rubies are simply much harder than any metal alloys and so will last longer. 

Improved laminar flow (impact)

Another potential benefit of ruby nozzles in particular is that they produce jets of liquid that will maintain laminar non-turbulent flow better than their metal counterparts.  This is because the ruby orifice is laser cut and so is incredibly smooth when compared to machined metals.  Maintaining laminar flow is important because turbulent flow results in a rapid loss of impact, and hence cleaning power.

Nozzle selection

We supply a number of nozzles from extremely hard wearing materials like ceramics or rubies.  Whilst not a product group in their own right the nozzles found below are all available with ruby or ceramic orifices. 

Shower  double trim nozzle Single Jet Trim

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