Spray nozzles for the paper and pulp industry


Spraying challenge - Clogs and blockages from fibres

Paper and pulp plants present a uniquely fibrous environment for spraying.  This means clogging of spray nozzles by a build up of stray fibres is a constant problem. We help overcome this by a variety of methods.


The addition of a simple plastic splatter guard on our range of trim nozzles adds a tiny amount to the cost of the nozzle but can save considerable frustrations.  Splatter guards are an optional extra on all our trim nozzles.

Thunder showers

SNP offer complete shower assemblies with internal cleaning brushes.  The brushes cleaning can be manually operated or automated.

Large free-passage nozzles

Certain designs of nozzle have large free-passages for the fluid being sprayed.   This means they are ideal for spraying lumpy water.  Spiral (TF) nozzle would normally be the nozzle of choice for spraying lumpy fluids.  However, the confined spaces of a paper mills means that these nozzles are generally not suitable.  So we will generally recommend the Maxipass, MP, WT, WL and WTX ranges of nozzles.  These have clog-resistant designs but have a lower profile than equivalent spiral nozzles.

Nozzle Selection

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Paper and Pulp Key Spray Application

Paper and Pulp Key Spray Challenges


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